"I will always be committed to my journey of healthy, sexy living." Nadine Tengco, Philippine’s Top Celebrity Food Coach


All natural.  Functional.  Healthy.  Fresh.  Sexy Beast is all about Fast Beauty Food.   



This new way of healthy and sexy eating starts with Sexy Beast cold-pressed juices, formulated by the country’s top celebrity food coach, Ms. Nadine Tengco.  Each bottle is backed by science and extensive research, combined with industry standards in manufacturing and distribution.

Pressed with 14,000 psi of pressure to yield fresh-tasting flavors from the pulp and to extract all vitamins and minerals from produce, Sexy Beast contains nutrients from herbs, fruits, and vegetables, making it the perfect Potent Beauty Potion. 

Drinking Sexy Beast regularly offers a variety of benefits to the body: from improving skin complexion, lessening of PMS symptoms, alleviating hangovers, and muscle recovery post-workout. 



These irresistible meat treats are all natural and free from artificial colors, preservatives, nitrates, extenders, and MSG. The sausages are smoked in a traditional smokehouse using fruit-bearing trees, and packaged locally to ensure freshness and quality. 

These yummy and easy on the tummy Dawgs are also Keto and Paleo friendly. 

Sexy Dawg is available in 4 variants: Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Hungarian, and Breakfast Links.



Chews to be good! This sweet, guilt-free snack is made from dehydrated organic bananas and nothing more!  There’s no MSG, preservatives, and artificial flavors. 

Banana Chewies is a natural fruit treat that’s going to be your new grab-and-go-to snack.



Start your morning with a kick!  Keto Koffee is made from organic Arabica beans, organic buffalo butter, organic MCT oil, and flavored with Stevia and pure Himalayan salt.  This revolutionary coffee blend boosts energy, improves focus, and helps in weight loss.

Ready to begin your Fast Beauty Food journey and be a Sexy Beast? 


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